This fun analog device has been reinvented, allowing for pedestrians to pose for customized postcards that can be taken away quickly on individual mobile devices and are then integrated with social media, encouraging further online engagement with the City.

IKE: The Smart
City Hub

Designed specifically for pedestrians, IKE is the wayfinding system of the future. It encourages people to explore the city, highlighting nearby cultural attractions, special events and other points of interest — and then provides turn-by-turn directions to get them when there want to go. Custom mapping programs allows you to categorize businesses, services and attractions in a proprietary and locally relevant way, rather than relying upon Google Maps or other off-the-shelf solutions that already exist on smartphones.

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Emergency Communications

Recurring Revenue
IKE (Interactive Kiosk Experience)

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Municipalities have long searched for a simple and effective communication platform to engage residents and visitors quickly. From simple and fun loving questions about local sports teams to polling the public about municipal spaces and key issues, IKE provides an efficient tool for the public to share opinions with city leadership, and provides results and readily available analytics.

IKE allows for the immediate deployment of emergency messages and critical updates from governmental authorities, creating a highly visible broadcast medium to deliver information to the public.



Public transportation is paramount to any smart city, and IKE provides information and route maps for multi-modal transportation options including bus, light rail, bike share, and car share services to get in and around downtown efficiently. This functionality will further enhance a city's investment in public transit, creating a powerful platform to implore visitors to consider alternative means of transport.


Getting Around

Downtown is a mecca of activity and IKE provides a look at events and opportunities to enjoy today, tomorrow and even throughout the entire month. This is an opportunity for the city to highlight not only events, but also health awareness months and cultural celebrations.

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IKE turns any city

into a smartcity.

IKE is a dynamic, two-way communication platform between the city and the public, allowing the city to provide information and receive feedback from the community, both at the IKE location and through integrated social media. 

Question of the Week

IKE is a communication platform created to help cities and business improvement districts connect with its citizens and visitors with information and resources in dynamic new ways. Through a system of vivid, durable touch-screen displays containing an ever-expanding and seemingly limitless series of applications, IKE offers three essential features that will benefit any city.

IKE is a self-sustaining system that provides a recurring revenue stream to city , and requires no capital or operational investment from the city.
IKE is a wi-fi enabled, easily updated delivery system for smart city services, including multi-modal mapping to nearby destinations, all encouraging an activated and pedestrian-oriented downtown.